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Pinard’s Landscaping

We service all of New England, specializing in everything from tree and shrub selection to granite, brick and stone construction. Our education in horticulture and turfgrass management from Essex Agricultural & Technical Institute and masonry degree from Wentworth Institute combined with over 28 years of experience gives Pinard’s Landscaping an unmatched level of expertise.

120 Central Ave, Ayer, MA • pinardslandscaping.com • 978-772-3549


Pinard’s Supply Yard

We serve both residential and commercial customers. We take special care when choosing our landscape supplies to ensure that they are made from the highest quality materials. All of our products are available for pickup or delivery to your home or job site.

173 West Main St., Ayer, MA • pinardssupplyyard.net • 978-772-9690


Pinard’s Florist & Gift Shop

There’s a great deal of care and pride that goes into each and every floral arrangement we create. Our vibrant flowers and hearty greens are always fresh and selected for their long lasting beauty. We fully understand that every occasion is important and if you celebrate, honor, or pay tribute with a single flower or hundreds, they have to be perfect.

120 Central Ave., Ayer, MA • pinardsflorist.com • 978-772-3883


Special Offers

Free delivery on your next flower order from Pinard's Florest when you spend at least $25.00.